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At LawYan, we understand that managing client relationships is at the core of success for law firms and legal professionals. That's why we've created a dedicated AI-powered CRM platform that can manage and grow your business with automation.

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Why Legal CRM Matters?

Effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is not just a convenience but a necessity in the legal field. It enables law firms to efficiently manage client interactions, streamline communication, and enhance overall productivity. As the legal landscape evolves, having the right CRM software becomes crucial to overcoming industry-specific challenges and staying ahead of the curve. 

Navigating the Directory

Our easy-to-understand AI for law industry CRM software interface is designed with you in mind. Navigate seamlessly through our directory, utilizing robust search and filter options to find the perfect CRM solution for your practice. Whether you are a solo practitioner or part of a large law firm, LawYan is your go-to resource.


Lawyan AI Content 

Our innovative AI content writing feature helps you create content for various legal situations. Simply write the specifics of your situation, and watch as our AI tool generates precise, context-aware content for you. You can edit it later to personalize it according to the case.  

With LawYan AI Assistance, you can:  

  • Conduct Legal Research and Analysis 
  • Uncover Precedents 
  • Confirm Proper Citation Format 
  • Prepare a Case 
  • Define Statuses and Regulations 
  • Develop a Legal Strategy 
  • Create Discovery Questions 

Featured Legal CRM Software

To kickstart your exploration, we've handpicked a selection of featured legal CRM software solutions. Each spotlight provides a glimpse into key features and benefits, offering you a starting point for your search.

LawYan Events

Effortlessly manage your upcoming events without leaving Lawyan. Utilize the intuitive dashboard to search for events based on labels and types, ensuring seamless event organization.


LawYan Notes 

Need to jot down quick notes during meetings? Lawyan provides a solution. Add notes with the option to attach images and files, creating a comprehensive record linked to each note. 


LawYan Cases 

Track case statuses in a centralized system. Use unique colors and labels for various status types for quick and easy identification. Streamline case management by instantly understanding the status of each case.


LawYan Contracts 

Effortlessly access information about your case contracts, including signing dates, validity, amounts, and status, all conveniently displayed in your Lawyan dashboard. 


LawYan Zoom Meetings

Stay on top of your client meetings with Lawyan's integrated Zoom feature. Schedule and record meetings seamlessly, ensuring a smooth client interaction experience. 


Lawyan Proposals 

Struggling to keep track of your proposals? Lawyan simplifies the process by allowing you to monitor proposal dates, validity, amounts, and status all in one location. 


Lawyan Estimates 

Efficiently manage your estimates by accessing sent and received estimates in one centralized location within the Lawyan platform. 


My Profile 

Personalize your Lawyan experience by configuring details, contact info, and social links in the My Profile section.


To Do 

Effortlessly handle tasks in the To-do tab, updating statuses to track completion and pending items.


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